Credit: © Handout / Getty Images

We’ve seen artisanal lollipops, mayonnaise, astronaut ice cream and even ice. Now, Merriam-Webster has officially recognized the artisanal craze by adding the word to its online dictionary along with 1,000 other culturally-relevant words.

We were unsurprised to see the addition of words like ‘acai', ‘macaron', 'coconut water' and ‘EVOO', all of which have been popular with the masses in recent years. ‘Food truck,’ a trend that shows no signs of stopping, also made the list. And recognizing the issue many Americans face in finding a reliable food source, Merriam-Webster included ‘food secure’ and ‘food insecure’ on its list of additions.

In a move that keeps them up to date with advancing cooking technology they also added 'immersion circulator.' And we think Merriam-Webster might be a little bit late on the addition of ‘Shirley Temple’ (the cocktail, not the girl).

Here, a list of all the food-related words Merriam-Webster added: