Does this mean we're all going mermaid?

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mermaid toast
Credit: © Adeline Waugh

First the rainbow food craze owned the Internet, what with its doughnuts and bagels and pizza. Then all those things took a turn for the pastel and every possible food item was given the “unicorn” treatment. And, once again, everyone’s Instagram feeds were one giant, brightly colored mush. And now, as the unicorn trend is just starting to fade into the background, a new most-photographable food item has arrived on the scene: Mermaid toast.

Mermaid toast is an invention of Adeline Waugh, a Florida-based food stylist, photographer, and recipe developer, whose impressive Instagram goes by the name vibrantandpure. And on Monday she posted her latest creation. Based on her caption for the photo, the name “mermaid toast” seems to be more epiphany than intentional attempt to gain social media cache. Waugh wrote, “not sure what to call this...but I'm thinking mermaid toast, as to continue the tradition of naming toast after mythical creatures.”

It’s all part of Waugh’s regular work though. In a short bio she describes herself as someone who, “spends my time doing things like dyeing cream cheese with beet juice and turmeric, or taking 200 photos of a piece of toast.” But in this case all those photos seem to have paid off, as the finished piece of mermaid toast really is quite stunning. As to how she got the Ariel-esque hues? She said she used a variety of blue green algae powders and liquids mixed with almond milk cream cheese. So, if you’re looking to replicate it at home, here’s what you’ll need.

But will the food world suddenly go mermaid? We’ll have to wait a few days and see if America’s artisanal bakeries take up the challenge. One thing is for sure though, once we reach mermaid grilled cheese we will know this whole thing has gone too far. Some things just don’t need to be dyed.