He and President Moon Jae-in ate a meal that celebrated traditional South Korea cuisine. 


President Donald Trump is currently on the second leg of his trip around Asia. Earlier this week, the president toured Japan with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, where, according to Bloomberg, he stuck to his usual all-American diet, eating a steak for dinner, and indulging in a chocolate sundae for dessert. The president opted out of trying any sushi, at one point instead enjoying a burger with Colby jack cheese alongside the prime minister at a country club near Tokyo. He’s now visiting South Korea, where the official state dinner served in his honor on Tuesday night (in its time zone) focused on highlighting the country’s traditional cuisine.

The Washington Post reports that President Trump and President Moon Jae-in attended the dinner in Seoul, where the chefs who prepared the food hoped to serve an “Asian-American fusion,” meal. They also created their menu based on reports that President Trump enjoys sole. Here’s the full menu, according to South Korea’s Blue House, the official residence of the country’s head-of-state, which favors local ingredients and classic Korean dishes:

  • Corn porridge accompanied by fresh herb and vegetable side dishes.
  • Grilled sole from Geoje island, the hometown of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, with brown bean sauce consomme.
  • Pine mushroom rice in a stone pot accompanied by grilled Korean beef ribs, seasoned with a special sauce made with a 360-year-old soy sauce.
  • Triple chocolate cake with raspberry vanilla sauce, and cinnamon punch granita served with dried persimmons.

For lunch earlier in the day, President Trump ate with American troops at Camp Humphreys, where, according to Stars and Stripes, he and the soldiers there enjoyed the “Taco Tuesday,” menu. The president and his team were offered different options but insisted they would eat the same food as the troops. President Trump decided on a taco, burrito, and curly fries for his lunch.