The most fashionable burger chain uniform money can buy. 

What’s the last thing you expect to go high fashion? If fast food uniforms come to mind, you are very, very mistaken. McDonald’s dipped their toe into the fashion world with two lines of clothing, one that was Big Mac-themed, and another they delivered to UberEATS customers. A fashion school in Miami even did a runway show with clothes made from McDonald’s packaging. But when it comes to going couture, White Castle just changed the game: The burger chain has recruited fashion house Telfar to design its new uniforms.

white castle and fashion mash up
Credit: Courtesy of Jayson Keeling

“Our partnership with Telfar Clemens and his creative partner, Babak Radboy, is an incredibly special one for all of us at White Castle,” Jamie Richardson, Vice President at White Castle, said in a statement. “Our two brands may have started 84 years apart but they share a passion for originality and timelessness that we believe is unrivaled.”

new uniforms at white castle
Credit: Courtesy of Jayson Keeling

Telfar, a unisex clothing label, was started in 2005 by a then-20-year-old Telfar Clemens with the “simple belief that fashion should be universal, horizontal and democratic." Clemens and Radboy designed the uniforms, a series of collared shirts in White Castle’s signature shade of bright blue, emblazoned with its logo in a font inspired by those used in the 1900s. Clemens is notorious for his love of White Castle burgers—he hosts his annual New York Fashion Week after party at the chain’s New York City locations. The designer, a native of Queens, was recently named one of the 2017 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists.

new york based fashion
Credit: Courtesy of Jayson Keeling

“There’s a White Castle right by my apartment and I’ve been going there my whole life—seeing the uniform is just amazing!" Clemens said. "At first glance, the partnership seems surreal, but beneath the surface what we have in common is originality and integrity. Being original means taking risks and doing what you believe in, and that’s what our relationship is all about. The uniforms were not about reinventing White Castle, just reflecting that core authenticity that people crave."

white castle new fashion
Credit: Courtesy of Jayson Keeling

The new uniforms are simple and sleek, and comfortable too, apparently—proof that with the right ingredients, anything can become elevated.