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Credit: © Lara Hata / Getty Images

Men of the world haven’t evolved all that far from their Fred Flintstone days, especially when there’s pizza in front of them.

Last year we reported on a study that revealed men’s appetite is not necessarily all about how hungry they are, but rather whether they are around men or women.

Researchers observed 105 adults at an all-you-can-eat buffet over a period of several weeks, and discovered that men who dined with women ate an incredible 93% more pizza than those dining with other men. Women, however, ate the same amount regardless of the sex of their companions.

So, what gives? Do men instinctively return to their primal roots when around women and show off how big and strong they are? Maybe. “This behavior dates back to caveman roots. Rooted deep in men's biological wiring is the need to appear like a strong provider. Eating a lot shows that they have no worries about food or limiting it due to cost,” says Dr. Susan Albers , psychologist and author of 50 More Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food. “It may just be that pizza is a foods that we love which hits on the dopamine or feel good receptors in the brain. Perhaps eating a lot is showing that they are having a good time on the date. At the end of the day men are self-conscious about their weight and appearance too. Letting go of that worry during a date may indicate that they feel comfortable and at ease,” says Albers.

Or maybe not. “I disagree with the rationale of the findings. I hardly believe that a man thinks that pigging out or overeating is attractive to a woman,” says Dr. Howard M. Shapiro, author of Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss. “Men always eat fast. When they’re with men, they eat fast, drink fast, talk fast, and leave. When men eat with women, they’re trying to impress the women and therefore extend the length of the meal by ordering additional food and as always eat fast. The woman may feel the need to eat quickly in order to keep up with a fast-eating male. Men may also over-order food in order to show that they’re not cheap.”

So, if a man seems to be overeating pizza next time you are out, it’s not so bad. He’s either trying to impress you, or maximize time with you. Either way, take it as a positive sign for how the date is going.