Pork with Arugula and Tomatoes

© Tina Rupp
Pork with Arugula and Tomatoes“Well, of course the Obamas went to Blue Hill,” writes Frank Bruni on the New York Times's Diner's Journal blog. As Amanda Hesser points out in her excellent Times op-ed, Michelle Obama has been extremely on-message in promoting locally grown foods, a cause Blue Hill ardently supports. Hesser believes Michelle should go further, however, and more fully embrace cooking, rather than implying that it’s a chore. (She was recently quoted as saying, “I don’t miss cooking. I’m just fine with other people cooking.”) “Terrific local ingredients aren’t much use if people are cooking less and less,” Hesser writes, citing several disheartening trends, including this one: “Americans ate take-out meals an average of 125 times a year in 2008.” In an effort to change that sad statistic, we offer our Top 10 Best Fast Recipes Ever.