Who knew America would develop such a passion for watching enthusiastic shoppers in crew neck sweatshirts running frantically through a grocery store? Such was the appeal of Supermarket Sweep. The game show pitted contestants against one another using their knowledge of the price of frozen peas and the ability to complete mind-numbingly simple ryhme schemes, culminating in a showdown among the aisles of the studio's fake supermarket. The goal was to rack up the biggest grocery bill possible in two minutes in order to win fabulous prizes and cold hard cash.

Part of the fun of watching people shop was shouting at the screen and armchair quarterbacking their every decision. Why not just go for the big items? Why waste time on canned goods? It seems like some of those fools just didn't have any strategy. That's where Melissa McCarthy's character delivers in a cut-for-time SNL sketch. McCarthy plays contestant Padget, and as she says multiple times, she has a plan. Watch as she not only one-ups the usual big item buys from the actual show, but also tries to cart away anything that isn't nailed down. She even stops for a quick snack break, but given the gross truth behind the items found on the real Supermarket Sweep, I wouldn't advise eating anything on those shelves.