But we live in America, so we did.
Credit: © Foodcollection / Getty Images, Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

Melania Trump's hometown of Sevnica (pop. 5,000) in central Slovenia may be over the moon that she's set to become the First Lady of the United States next month, but the future FLOTUS is putting the kibosh on locals' dessert-related homage to her ascendancy.

It all kicked off at Pizzeria Rondo—a local spot that serves pizza, pasta, meat salads, and, curiously, "a wide selection of dishes of Mexican food" as well—where proprietor Bruno Vidmar put a strawberry mascarpone mousse on the menu and called it the Melanija. "As we were the first ones to come up with that idea, many journalists came to the restaurant after the announcement on Facebook and Twitter had gone viral," he told Politico.

It's not just one establishment cashing in on local pride. Last month, intrepid reporters from Vice found Melania cakes (topped with edible gold shavings, obviously) on offer at local bakery Julija, Melania-branded jarred honey, and Melania crepes (garnished with gold dust—"Because, you know, Trump," the crepe-maker told them) at the top of an area mountain.

Sounds like harmless fun, right? Not according to Team Trump.

Local restaurants and food purveyors might find their celebratory tributes short-lived. According to reports, Melania Trump has retained Slovenian law firm Pirc Musar—the same firm that advocated for the future FLOTUS in the escort service scandal during the campaign—to put an end to naming foods and other local products after her.

"This is indecent financial exploitation and infringement of personality rights," law firm director Nataša Pirc Musar (who is on Twitter as @nmusar) told Politico. No formal legal action has been taken thus far, but warning bells have been sounded. "First we wanted to warn the public and now we count on their prudence to stop the practice."

It remains to be seen whether local businesses comply—and whether the long arm of the law will come down on those utilizing only Trump's likeness or also her name.