Villa Italian Kitchen is hoping to ease the pain of missing out on $1.6 billion.


Tonight’s Mega Millions lottery is now up to a record-breaking—and somewhat unfathomable—$1.6 billion jackpot. And at 11 p.m. Eastern Time tonight, all that money (minus a literal boat’s worth of taxes), could potentially go to just one person. And I hate to break it to you, but everything math has ever taught us suggests that that person won’t be you. But hold onto your losing ticket anyway: Villa Italian Kitchen wants you to know it’s not completely worthless.

Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Tomorrow, October 24, the New Jersey-based pizza chain with about 250 locations across the country will be holding a giveaway for all the big Mega Million losers, offering every customer the chance to exchange one losing ticket for a free slice of cheese pizza with the purchase of a beverage. As should probably be expected, a bit of fine print does apply: The offer is for Wednesday only at participating locations, and guests must present an actual ticket, dated only for tonight’s drawing, which they have to turn over to the restaurant in exchange for their slice. Still, let’s be honest, right now, that sounds like it will likely end up being the best deal you’re going to get for that ticket.

“We have been following the news of this historic lottery drawing closely,” Mimi Wunderlich, Villa Italian Kitchen’s Director of Communications and Digital Marketing, said in a statement. “When we heard what the odds of winning the jackpot were, we couldn’t help but feel for all those who would be let down—and we knew that we would probably have to be at work on Wednesday morning, too! While a free slice of pizza isn’t a billion dollars, hopefully it will still make someone’s day.”

Oh, and one other bit of fine print we forgot to mention. Villa Italian Kitchen specifies that the ticket must be a losing ticket. So don’t try and pull a fast one and give them any winning tickets for a free slice of cheese pizza! Villa Italian Kitchen doesn’t want your free $1.6 billion! You keep that for yourself!