By Carey Jones
Updated July 06, 2015
Credit: © Alex Stein

Last week we took a look around the wonderful world of fried chicken, but no matter how many different takes on the bird we found, none of them were anything like the "Smorgasbird," which arrives today, National Fried Chicken Day, on the menu at NYC's Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. It will be available as a special lasting through the end of July.

It's double-decker fried chicken sandwich with fries that are themselves stuffed… and somehow there's grilled chicken involved too. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the bacon Okay, let's break this thing down for you.

The bread: A massive sandwich bun with a Big Mac-style interstitial layer, but even that's gonna have a hard time holding this monster together.

The filling: First and foremost, this is a fried chicken sandwich, with Blue Ribbon's excellent fried bird. That's stuffed with "Game Day Fries"—French fries that are themselves topped with barbecue chicken, smoked bacon, aged cheddar, sour cream and pickled peppers. Got that? And now we move onto the rest of the sandwich: grilled pineapple (because why not), lettuce, tomato, Blue Ribbon Special Sauce and BBQ Sauce.

Why you should care: The reason behind all this craziness? Blue Ribbon's July challenge, to raise money for the MS Society. 20% of the proceeds from every sandwich will be donated to the charity, but if you finish this whole damn thing in under 5 minutes, you'll win a Hail Mary Platter: 25 wings, 25 tenders and a side.

Eat it, Instagram it, stuff it down your gullet and best of luck to all of you crazy enough to try it.