By FWx Editors
Updated August 05, 2016

What kind of crazy person does it take to grow a 100 pound squash? Let Phillip Vowles answer that question for you. The gardener has spent the last three decades breeding, cultivating and cooing to enormous vegetables in his greenhouse in Llanharry, Wales.

The folks at Great Big Story caught up with Vowles to try to uncover the secret to his oversized produce. Even though he does sing to his marrows (zucchini) “to help them grow,” it turns out there’s not really a secret to his success. He just takes the biggest seed from the biggest plant he grows every year and now, 30 years on, he’s got as many 100 pound zucchinis and cabbages as he can carry (we assume that’s two right?).

Check the video above for Phillip’s whole story, and, of course, for his accent. We could listen to that guy talk about growing vegetables all day.