Credit: © Sam Verkaik

Where: Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, New York City

What: We’re not quite sure why ramen for breakfast has not infiltrated every corner of the American brunch scene yet. But we’re delighted it’s gaining momentum. In the aptly named 8AM Ramen, thick whole-wheat noodles swim in a bowl of dashi and cheddar broth and get topped with thin slices of scallion omelet and Taylor ham. "We love [the ham]. And we love the fact that it is our neighbor’s [New Jersey] state meat, " says chef-owner Ivan Orkin. Slow clap for ramen starts now.

Wash it down with: A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or if you’re down at the Clinton Street location—which now offers brunch—opt for a more potent potable like the surprisingly light sake bloody-tini. The Slurp Shop filters all the ingredients through cheesecloth, leaving you with just the savory essence of a bloody.