By Chris Mah
Updated September 29, 2014
Credit: © Chris Mah

Veggie burgers can seem like afterthought on many menus. So it’s always exciting when someone commits to doing them well. And in Seattle, Plum Burgers, a truck serving up all manner of meat-free dishes, has mastered the art of the veggie burger. It’s menu features several meatless burgers with a blend of Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Pacific Northwest flavors (think mint rubbed seitan, pickled figs, and spiced aiolis), fresh salads, and dairy-free milkshakes made from coconut or rice milk. While hard-core vegans may opt for the panko-crusted tempeh or Jamaican spiced tofu burgers, the Buffalo Portobello burger is the sort of hearty cross-over that can satisfy vegans and carnivores alike.

The Bread: The locally baked buns are soft and light like a brioche on the inside, with a sturdy, buttery crust, and are served lightly toasted. Don’t let the vegan theme fool you into thinking this is a dainty sandwich; the Buffalo Portobello requires two hands, and likely a fork as well.

The Filling: A whole, generously sized portobello mushroom gets dusted in panko crumbs and grilled, then paired with crunchy spears of cucumber, sweet caramelized onions, and organic seasonal greens. The whole thing comes dressed in ranch aioli and a fiery buffalo sauce.

The Sides: Plum’s spicy, dairy-free Mac n’ Yease is popular with local vegans, but as someone who is suspicious of all things which artificial cheese, I prefer Plum’s curried yam fries, thick cut wedges mixed with spices and tossed in the deep fryer. The fries beg to be dipped in dill aioli, which adds a cooling contrast to the curry’s spice.

Wash it down with: You’ll find a usual variety of sodas and fruit juices on the menu, but visit Plum Burgers on the weekend at Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood and you’ll have over thirty beers on tap to choose from.

Where to find it: Plum Food Truck’s schedule can be found here. On any given weekday, you’ll find the truck feeding hungry Microsoft or Amazon employees near their offices, but on weekends, it stops at some of Seattle’s plentiful brewery tasting rooms so you can enjoy your burger paired with a local beer.