By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 01, 2015
Credit: © Tara Moore / Getty Images

A British company claims they figured out a way to stop your hangover woes with meat. Someone get the Noble prize people on the phone; we already have a potential winner.

Serious Pig, a London-based meat business, claims they have created “the world’s first hangover-preventing meat treat.” Though these snacks have the pun-fueled tagline of “hangover cured,” what they don’t seem to have is proof that they definitely can help prevent hangovers. According to a press release, “This revolutionary nibble has been carefully designed to eradicate the feared hangover” since it “is high in protein and contains healthy doses of chilli and ginger, which experts agree help ease symptoms associated with hangovers.”

The company’s own expert, food nutritionist Angela Dowden, stated, “Ginger is…a well known traditional remedy to prevent nausea, whilst chilli is thought to boost levels of feel good endorphins as well as improving circulation, so the body’s detoxification process can work optimally.” However, a less biased expert who spoke to the Independent, Charlotte Stirling-Read, was a bit more skeptical: “While it is a good idea to eat food, and not drink on an empty stomach, I think there might be healthier options.”

So as much as the idea of hangover curing meat sound amazing, unless I’ve missed the greatest scientific breakthrough in history, I’ll continue to believe that the only true way to avoid a hangover is to drink responsibly. How responsible you are with your meat is up to you.