McDonald’s is bringing the McRib back for the first time since last year.
McRib Sandwich
Credit: Courtesy of McDonald's

If there was a hall of fame for limited time offerings (“LTOs” as some people say), McDonald’s McRib would deserve to get voted in on the first ballot. When it was introduced in 1981, the rib-shaped pork sandwich was actually meant to be a permanent menu addition, but over the years, it’s transitioned into the “reunion tour” of the MickeyD’s menu nicely—paraded out whenever the fast food chain is looking for a little bit of love. So who better to help remind customers that McDonald’s can be delivered direct to your door via UberEats? The McRib, that’s who!

“The McRib is back—and mobile!” McDonald’s proclaims in an announcement made today. For a limited time (of course!), the chain is relaunching the sandwich—which was last seen in November 2017—at over 9,000 participating locations. And yes, in case you forgot, McDonald’s delivery is totally a thing now.

“While McDonald’s has ushered in many new items this year—such as fresh beef in our quarter-pound burgers—we know our fans love this limited time classic,” McDonald’s Chef Mike Haracz said in a statement. “That’s why we wanted to bring the McRib to as many fans as possible this year. With the McRib also now available via McDelivery on Uber Eats, we’re excited to make it more accessible to customers with the speed and convenience they expect from McDonald’s.”

Believe it or not, 9,000 locations is only about two-thirds of McDonald’s restaurants in the United States, so if you want to double check that a store near you has the McRib, the chain suggests using the McDonald’s Finder app (where, by the way, users can also swap McRib-themed stickers if you’re into that sort of thing) or checking the UberEats app.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for all those UberEats drivers who will have to drive customers their order of seasoned boneless pork slathered in tangy barbecue sauce topped with onions and pickles and served on a hoagie-style bun without eating it themselves along the way.