The burger chain is already eyeing taking more international menu items nationwide, according to a report.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 26, 2019
Credit: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/Getty Images

Last year, when McDonald’s opened its new flagship restaurant in the same building as its Chicago headquarters, one feature that drew plenty of excitement was a chance to try menu items previously only found in other countries. Our own David Landsel gave his experience trying these international items the thumbs up, and McDonald’s attempted to quickly capitalize on all the positive energy by testing four of them in Florida before rolling out a slightly amended “Worldwide Favorites” menu nationwide. Though a recent letter from McDonald’s franchisees suggested that these new options “are not our customers’ favorites,” our own Adam Campbell-Schmitt found them satisfactory enough, and apparently, McDonald’s head office agrees — a new report suggests more may already be on the way.

McDonald’s will begin testing four new Worldwide Favorites as soon as next month with plans to potentially add them to menus nationwide next year, according to documents seen by Business Insider (who have repeatedly proven they have a solid source within the chain).

Expected to arrive in August at about 100 Connecticut locations are a Savory Ranch Burger from Mexico, a Grand Premium Chicken Sandwich from France, a McChicken McMuffin from Japan, and a Carmel Brownie McFlurry from Canada. Unfortunately, though Business Insider was able to grab a promotional photo of these items, additional descriptions and details weren’t included — so it’s not yet clear what makes the Mexican burger so savory or the French sandwich so premium. That said, the McChicken McMuffin looks pretty much exactly as you’d expect, offering a crispy chicken patty between a McMuffin bun — something you could probably make yourself by hacking McDonald’s current menu.

McDonald’s, as has often been the case with these previous leaks, did not respond to BI’s request for comment. However, the site reports that if the test goes well, we could be seeing these sold across the U.S. by summer 2020. Whether they’d complement or replace the current Worldwide Favorites menu also isn’t clear.