The best part? They’re made with mashed potatoes.

Credit: PASCAL GUYOT/Getty Images

Calling all (Europe-based) vegans: McDonald’s is testing out yet another vegan menu item in Scandinavia. There's the soy-based McVegan burger, which became a permanent menu item in Finland and Sweden in 2017; this past January, Sweden also got the “McFalafel” vegan Happy Meal, comprised of four falafel bites, dipping sauce (herby yogurt or vegan pepper-flavored sauce), and a choice of side and drink. The latest addition to the McDonald’s vegan family is huge—vegan McNuggets, aka Vegetarnuggets, which the company is currently testing in Norway, reports

If you’re understandably wondering how a McNugget can be vegan, the recipe actually sounds a little bit like shepherd's pie (sans meat, of course, and fried instead of baked). The nuggets have a mashed potato base, with onions, carrots, corn, and chickpeas mixed in; then, they’re coated in breadcrumbs and fried to a golden crisp. According to The Daily Meal, you can get them in orders of four or nine. It sounds like the perfect late night snack—but unfortunately, they’re only available at select Norwegian McDonald’s locations at the moment.

In the meantime, you can always whip up some vegan snacks at home—we have a roundup of recipes that includes roasted edamame with spiced soy sauce, crispy fried chickpeas, and date-and-almond fudge with sesame and coconut to satisfy your cravings. And in other vegan and vegetarian news, Questlove just announced that he’ll be collaborating with Impossible Foods to launch a vegetarian cheesesteak, available at 40 Live Nation concert venues across the country, plus Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The cheesesteak includes Impossible 2.0 Meat—a new recipe that launched earlier this year at CES—along with a “melted cheese blend,” onions, and peppers, all combined on an amoroso roll. You’ll be able to try it as soon as this spring—to learn more, read the full story here.