The fast food chain first got rid of its signature Dollar Menu back in 2013.
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Credit: spflaum1 / Getty Images

In 2013, after eleven years on the market, McDonald’s nixed its much-loved Dollar Menu, which let hungry people on the go scarf down a burger or two at just a dollar a piece. The fact that you can’t make much money selling food almost for free finally caught up to them. The company changed the menu’s name to the Dollar Menu & More, on which everything actually costs $1-$5, but the value menu magic was gone.

It 2015, it was resurrected as the McPick 2, which let customers pick any two items from that menu for $2. Just one year later the chain discontinued the offer, once again squashing any hope that the steals the chain was once known for would live on forever. However, today reports are surfacing that the McDonald’s might be trying out a new version of their value menu.

According to one report from Delish, the new menu is expected to feature items priced at $1, $2, and $3, and will debut later this year or in early 2018.

“One of the reasons we lost was when we came off of Dollar Menu, which at some point we needed to come off of because we were on it for 10 years and you can only stay on $1 price point for so long, but we didn't have a good replacement for it,” McDonald's Chief Financial Officer Kevin Ozan, said in June, according to Buzzfeed News. Later, Ozan admitted to Buzzfeed that the company isn’t “necessarily looking to win on value because that's kind of a race to the bottom."

It’s not yet clear what the items will be featured on the new menu, but as other fast food chains ramp up its tactics to attract customers, McDonald’s might have to pull out all their tricks to keep up. The chain might actually be making a turn toward fancier fare: It now sells a line of "signature crafted" burgers. McDonald's also launched a fashion line to celebrate their partnership with UberEATS—and that’s probably far from the last stunt we’ll see the classic fast food chain pull to stay on top in the coming years.