The fast food chain is celebrating its delivery partnership with a huge giveaway. 

the mcdelivery collection mcdonalds merchandise
Credit: Courtesy of McDonald’s

McDonald’s is celebrating the launch of their nationwide UberEATS delivery partnership with a new fashion line.

Called the McDelivery Collection, the line of Big Mac-themed clothes and accessories—like a tracksuit, sandals, t-shirts, sweatshirts, picnic blankets, and pillows printed with pictures of Big Macs—is available for a very limited time only.

On July 26, McDonald’s will be giving away items from the line to customers who order McDonald's menu items via UberEATS. You can find the cities and restaurants that are participating in the promotion here.

McDonald’s has been planning to team up with UberEATS to start a delivery service for a while now: Testing began in Florida all the way back in January of this year. In May, the company expanded the service to California, Ohio, Arizona, and Illinois. Before that, McDonald’s delivery was only available through third-party companies like DoorDash and Postmates.

Around the time McDonald’s began testing their new delivery service, the Chicago Tribune reported that the chain gets around two-thirds of its business from their drive-thru, which could mean that people are looking for an even more convenient way to get their burger-and-fries fix. However, UberEATS does come with an added delivery fee of $5.

McDonald’s launched its UberEATS delivery service throughout the United States in May and June, from their restaurants in cities like Seattle, Baltimore, Dallas, and Washington D.C. In New York City, the delivery service is available 24/7. In total, you'll be able to get delivery from more than 1,000 McDonald’s locations nationwide. This week, the company expanded their delivery service to the U.K as well, also operated through UberEATS.

The news of the McDonald’s fashion line—different than its line of Big Mac merch sold in Japan— comes just after KFC announced the launch of its own limited-edition clothing line, which included a whole collection of fried chicken-themed items.

No word on whether or not the McDelivery line will have a wider release, so if you're dying to get your hands on a Big Mac t-shirt, looks like you'll have to order the real thing through UberEATS.