McDonald's customers can expect delivery for about 10,000 locations.

McDonald's and UberEats
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

McDonald’s is working to deliver more burgers, fries and nuggets to your home by investing further in its partnership with UberEats, the company said in an earnings call Tuesday.

The restaurant chain began testing delivering its fast food with UberEats last year at 200 locations, and now, delivery is an option at 5,000 of McDonald’s 37,000 locations, Eater reports. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said during the call that customers could expect delivery to be available in about 10,000 locations later the year.

“We’re looking to expand where UberEats has expanded around the world,” CEO Steve Easterbrook said during the call. “[Delivery] is meaningful in those that offer it, but we have a ways to go in terms of success across our system.”

McDonald’s CFO Kevin Ozan said most delivery orders come in the evening and late night and tend to come from groups, especially among younger people.

“We’re seeing it appeal to younger consumers, and in college towns,” Ozan said not he call. “They tend to be group orders, so the average delivery check is about twice the average restaurant check.”

Customers can get McDonald’s delivered by downloading the UberEats app and ordering through their Uber accounts. According to Eater, UberEats earns 30% from each food delivery transaction, so McDonald’s plans for the future of delivery have to accommodate such costs. Ozan said McDonald’s is examining how to design value meals and packaging specifically for UberEats.