McDonald's, Rio, Olympics
Credit: © Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Once upon a time, food delivery was primarily the province of pizza shops. But in an era when people refuse to leave their homes for anything less than a new Star Wars movie (apparently a Star Wars “story” is good enough), even a fast food giant like McDonald’s needs to get into the delivery game.

Late last week, McDonald’s announced that, starting next month, the world’s most recognizable burger brand would be partnering with UberEats to test delivery in about 200 Florida locations across Orlando, Tampa and Miami. Fast food junkies will reportedly be able to make selections from the full McDonald’s menu via UberEats’ website or mobile app, and then an Uber driver will bring it right to their door. And then if that driver goes on to pick up an Uber rider, that person will inevitably take one whiff and say, “Were you just driving around with McDonald’s in here?”

As the Chicago Tribute points out, McDonald’s delivery is currently already available through third-party delivery companies like DoorDash and Postmates, but this test launch with UberEats could signal the beginning of a more serious foray into delivery. That said, there were no details on how long the test would last or the prospects of a larger expansion of the service.

To put things in perspective, the Tribune also reported that McDonald’s sees more than two-thirds of its sales at the drive-thru – demonstrating just how infrequently McDonald’s customers are looking to sit down and physically bask in the glow of the Golden Arches. Instead, many patrons are likely stopping by because it’s fast, inexpensive, convenient and, frankly, it’s there. So it’ll be interesting to see just how well delivery does for McDonald’s. Though ordering through an app and having burgers brought right to your door certainly ups the convenience factor, delivery isn’t a particularly fast option, and it definitely isn’t cheaper: At this point, ordering through UberEats costs $5 a pop. Plus, with so many different delivery choices available, online ordering eliminates the whole “well, it’s right there” allure of just grabbing a Quarter Pounder.

Still, widespread delivery could be exciting news for that reclusive part of the population who hates leaving their house but truly craves McDonald’s – a group that could be far larger than we’d like to imagine.