A Florida McDonald's Is Paying $50 Just to Come in for an Interview

As the economy reopens, finding fast food workers is apparently trickier than you may think.

Assuming you don't already, can you imagine yourself working at McDonald's? What if I gave you 50 bucks? Would that get your imagination going a bit? A McDonald's location in Florida is doing exactly that: Offering $50 a pop just for people to come in for an interview.

A photo of a sign outside of a Tampa area McDonald's stating "Interviews, M – F 2 pm, Get $50 for interview" landed on Twitter, and the site Business Insider dug into the details. Blake Casper—who owns 60 McDonald's franchises around the city, including the one in question—explained that a general manager and supervisor came up with the idea after struggling to find enough staff.

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"At this point, if we can't keep our drive-thrus moving, then I'll pay $50 for an interview," Casper was quoted as saying, adding that he hasn't had this much trouble finding employees since the late '90s. "It's a perfect storm right now," he continued, "You've got a lot of people with a lot of money, and they're out there shopping… And then, on the flip side, we're scrambling for help."

The shortage apparently stems from many factors: As the pandemic eases, large numbers of businesses are reopening at once, increasing competition for workers, yet at the same time, some people may be reluctant to take frontline jobs at a fast food restaurant due to continued COVID-19 concerns. Ongoing unemployment benefits may also play a role since those receiving assistance may not feel as rushed to get back to work, but some of these issues may also predate the pandemic as new options like gig economy jobs now offer a more flexible alternative to traditional fast food positions.

But whatever the culprit, Casper told Insider that even offering $50 to apply wasn't really helping: He said other options like referral programs, signing bonuses, and even simply allowing people to apply by text message were proving more successful. Because why earn $50 to go somewhere when you can just apply for jobs from your couch for free?

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