After supplies of the sauce ran out over the weekend, the fast food chain will restock for another promotion this winter. 


Back in April, the animated sci-fi television show Rick and Morty aired an episode that would set off a chain reaction in the real world that no one—except maybe time-traveling mad scientists—would have been able to anticipate. It all started with a scene that followed main protagonist Rick as he traveled into his memory back to 1998, where he stopped by a McDonald’s drive-thru to pick up Chicken McNuggets and “a bunch of the Szechuan Sauce, like as much as you’re allowed to give me,” in his words. The now-discontinued menu item was part of a promotion for the Disney movie Mulan, but Rick and Morty triggered in its fans a sudden desire to experience the sauce one more time, just as Rick got to do in his memory.

Fans of the show pleaded with McDonald’s to bring the sauce back. A 19-year-old packet of the sauce sold on eBay for $14,700. Then, on October 1, McDonald’s announced that it would be indulging Rick and Morty fans by bringing Szechuan Sauce back for one day only, on October 7, along with a limited edition line of posters that celebrates its other much-loved dipping sauces. That day arrived, and things did not go quite as planned.

According to reports over the weekend, police officers were brought into the deal with ravenous crowds of sauce-hungry fans at some locations of the chain, while other locations quickly ran out of the sauce, leaving even more fans—a couple of which had traveled four hours from Canada—irate that they had been left out this clearly historic cultural moment. Some of the show’s most diehard supporters were so outspoken about their frustration with the lack of sauce that the show’s creator, Justin Roiland, took to Twitter to express his dismay that what should have been a simple promotion took such a dark turn.

Regardless of how disastrous Saturday may have turned out for McDonald’s, there’s no need to panic about the lack of sauce: The chain has promised, in a tweet published on Sunday night, that there is more Szechuan Sauce coming soon.

In the statement, McDonald’s swears that this winter—no exact date has been disclosed—“a lot more” of the sauce will be available at locations across the country. Sure, the fast food chain might be giving into the demands of fans who are likely obsessed, to an unhealthy degree, with a dipping sauce that many of them are probably too young to even remember, but then again if Rick and Morty is to be believed, the sauce is “f*cking amazing.”