Fans have apparently been demanding the return of a spicy chicken option for years.

Credit: Alain Le Bot/Getty Images

People who love spicy foods are often outspoken about it — as if tackling tons of spice is a battle and they are a valiant spice-eating warrior. As such, it makes sense that when spicy items are taken off fast food menus, fans regularly demand they make a return. A couple days ago, Wendy’s announced they were bringing back their Spicy Chicken Nuggets specifically due to demand on Twitter. Now, news has emerged that McDonald’s will be introducing a pair of spicy chicken options after years without one, in part due to consumer demand.

McDonald's will be launching the two new items, a Spicy BBQ Sandwich and Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders, this September, according to “leaked documents” obtained by Business Insider. A McDonald’s spokesperson later confirmed the news to the site, reportedly stating, “Hold tight, because McDonald's is bringing the heat starting in September.” The new items will reportedly be variations on MickeyD’s existing buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich and buttermilk crispy tenders, simply adding a Southwestern sauce with a touch of jalapenos to each.

The burger chain apparently last had a spicy chicken sandwich on the menu nationwide way back in 2013, and one McDonald’s employee reportedly told BI that he received upwards of ten requests for the sandwich a day. Along those lines, Business Insider said the documents they saw pointed to the new spicy chicken items as an opportunity to increase short-term sales and traffic.

Chicken may be on McDonald’s mind for another reason as well: A recent report from Nation’s Restaurant News revealed Chick-fil-A had become the third largest chain in America in total sales, leapfrogging Subway, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Wendy’s in the past year. The chain is now only behind McDonald’s and Starbucks in that category. Granted, adding spicy BBQ sauce to existing products probably isn’t enough to tackle Chick-fil-A, but at this point, McDonald’s might be thinking anything chicken could provide a boost.