They've been spotted in the wild!

Valentine's Day may not be over yet, but McDonald's is already skipping ahead to spring with the 2019 release of their signature Saint Patrick's Day-themed McCafe Shamrock Shake. Yes, the green-hued blend of vanilla soft serve and "Shamrock Shake syrup," which was first introduced in 1970, has made its triumphant return—although, not every location has the minty dessert on-hand just yet.

shamrock shake for st patricks day
Credit: Courtesy of McDonald's

Luckily, to make things easier, McDonald's has added a Shamrock Shake tracker function to its app, which you can download here. To save yourself the disappointment of finding out that your closest Mickey D's isn't in the Saint Patrick's Day spirit, simply plug in your zip code to see a map of all the nearby McDonald's outposts serving up frosty green goodness.

Credit: McDonald's

Of course, as in previous years, the Shamrock Shake won't be on the menu for long—Sunday, March 24 is your last chance to grab one before 2020. A quick glance at Instagram shows that the mad rush has already begun

This Shamrock Shake superfan made a 9:30 McDonald's run to get her hands on one. (Sadly, they were out of cherries.)

This dude's friends are really looking out for him.

This McDonald's employee zhuzhed hers up with chocolate drizzle and Oreo crumbles. "Perks of working at McDonald's," indeed.

And this lady may have found the Shamrock Shake's true calling. Or committed a crime against fries, depending on who you ask.

Can't find a McDonald's that carries Shamrock Shakes at the moment? They're actually pretty easy to DIY. In the clip above, Food & Wine Culinary Director at Large Justin Chapple shows Meredith Vieira how to make a "Saint Paddy Shake"—his spin on the fast food staple. Blend mint chocolate chip ice cream, crème de menthe (yes, this is a boozy shake), and green food coloring, top it off with some garnishes (white chocolate shamrocks, whipped cream, edible glitter), and add a little vodka if you're feeling festive. Vieira says it best, "Top of the morning to you."