Credit: © McDonald's Japan

In general, Japanese restaurant chains seem to gravitate to more ridiculous menu items than their American counterparts. From hamburgers with black buns and cheese to ramen-topped pizza, Japan’s fast food community has been whipping up truly bizarre creations back before the Whopperito was even a gleam in some insane Pennsylvania Burger King franchisee’s eye.

America does have its one crazy time of year though—just before the beginning of fall—a time of year that could now accurately be described as “pumpkin spice season.” Every August in recent memory, American brands have gone out of their way to add pumpkin flavoring to everything from lattes to latrines. (Alright, that second one is a lie, but it makes for some fun alliteration.) So it was probably only a matter of time before the Japanese gazed across the ocean upon our obsession with everything pumpkin and decided, Oh yeah, we can do that… and crazier!

To wit, from September 28 until Halloween, McDonald’s Japan is selling pumpkin and chocolate sauce covered French fries. The seasonally-inspired offering is a spin on the chocolate sauce soaked “McChocolate Potato” French fries MickeyD’s introduced to Japan back in January, a menu item McDonald’s deemed “very popular.” This scary Halloween iteration simply adds an additional drizzle of orange pumpkin sauce to the mix.

If you want to give these crazy new fries a try, grab yourself a costume and a plane ticket, then learn how to say “trick or treat” in Japanese. Meanwhile, back here in the States, I guess we’re stuck dunking our French fries in our McCafe Pumpkin Spice Lattes – which frankly doesn’t seem any crazier than dumping pumpkin and chocolate sauce all over them.