McDonald's Adds Two New Big Mac Sizes to the Menu

It's an exercise in McExtremes.

Since its creation in 1967, the Big Mac has become one of the fast food world’s most iconic items. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, pickle something, blah blah blah… Okay, the song is a bit trickier, but even though Ronald’s signature sandwich isn’t as popular with younger generations, everyone at least knows what a Big Mac is. So working with that name-recognition, in recent years, MickeyD’s has tried some new spins on its burger with a weird middle bun: This time around meet the Big Mac’s new brethren—the Little Mac and the Double Big Mac.

Two New Big Macs
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Admitting that sometimes customers’ hunger is bigger or smaller than a regular Big Mac is suited for, McDonald’s says it has introduced these new variations as a way of “satisfying Big Mac appetites of all sizes.” The Little Mac is basically half a normal Big Mac—axing the middle bun and second patty, leaving “just the right amount of Special Sauce and toppings.” Meanwhile, the Double Big Mac utilizes a classic fast food trope of doubling the number of patties, here, from two to four. (The cheese, however, isn’t doubled which, I’m going to be honest, feels like a misstep. Who doesn’t want more cheese?)

If you’re saying aloud to your framed photo of Grimace, “Wait, hasn’t McDonald’s offered these before?” you’re kind of right. Back in 2016, McDonald’s first announced a similar approach, launching both a smaller and larger version of the Big Mac. Then, the results were the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac.

However, unlike the new iterations that only tinker with the existing ingredients, the Mac Jr. was a single layer burger with a larger patty and the Grand Mac was a bigger, wider burger featuring two larger patties. As the site Brand Eating astutely points out, the new Little Mac and Double Big Mac are probably way easier for franchises because everything they need to make them is already in the kitchen. In fact, even when McDonald’s pulls them off the menu, you could theoretically convince your local outpost to make one for you secret menu-style; just tell them to cut your Big Mac in half or double up the patties.

The Little Mac and Double Big Mac arrive nationwide tomorrow, March 11, for a limited time at participating locations.

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