The McRib Is Coming Back — But Is It Really for the Last Time?

Regardless of whether this is really the end, the "Farewell Tour" merch drop will hopefully be worth it.

The McRib
Photo: McDonald's

The McRib has been innovative for plenty of reasons. Not only did it bring pork to McDonald's beef-heavy menu, but it's also an early example of a limited-time-only item that attempted to build hype by constantly coming and going from the menu — a trick of the trade that's since become commonplace.

Now, the McRib is digging into its hype-building bag of tricks one more time for a move that's been used by every classic rock band — and even the McRib — before… a farewell tour.

Today, McDonald's has announced that, yes, once again, the McRib is returning nationwide, but after this run, the sandwich may never return. "We have good news, and we have bad news," the burger giant begins. "The elusive McRib is finally back… BUT this could be your last chance to get it." Before we continue, let's let that "could" sink in, seemingly leaving doors wide open.

However, McDonald's suggests this really might be the end. "After three straight years headlining McDonald's nationwide menu each fall, the iconic sandwich is embarking on a 'Farewell Tour' — giving fans across the country one more chance to experience a taste of the McRib at participating McDonald's restaurants starting October 31."

The McRib farewell tour

Of course, October 31 is Halloween, and in many ways, this announcement sounds like both a treat and a trick because McDonald's immediately changes course again. "Like any true farewell tour, we're hoping this isn't a 'goodbye' but a 'see you later,'" they continue. "Because as our McRib stans have experienced time and time again: you never know when — or if — the McRib is coming back."

Regardless of the doublespeak, McDonald's plans to milk the Farewell Tour concept as best they can, including the release of "limited-edition throwback-inspired merch featuring the McRib throughout the decades on art, clothing and memorabilia." That merchandise drop will take place on November 4 at 11 a.m. ET exclusively at

Okay, but seriously, is the McRib really not coming back? When we put McDonald's on the spot, the brand sent us a response stating, "We can't say for certain what the future holds. But for now, fans should enjoy the McRib while they can, because it won't be returning nationwide anytime soon."

Fair enough. But for the record, the McRib already had a literally named "Farewell Tour" back in 2005. We're starting to wonder if they know what "farewell" means.

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