The McLobster is once again available in New England this summer. 

Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 06, 2017

It’s a universally accepted fact that lobster rolls are expensive. Take the lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster in New York: It’s $17 – that’s one expensive lunch, regardless of how delicious it might be. Given that the lobster roll is one of the trendiest foods of this summer – and any summer really – everyone deserves to enjoy some lobster. And if you're short on cash, McDonald's McLobster might be just the ticket.

Every summer since 2015, McDonald’s has released their own version of the lobster roll. According to a inquisitive reporter at New England Today Travel, who stopped by a New England McDonald’s location to try out the seasonal item, the meat comes to the fast food restaurant frozen, where it’s thawed out and mixed with mayo (he eventually concludes that it’s “better than I expected”).

Obviously frozen lobster meat doesn’t compare to the fresh stuff that you’re paying for with the more expensive lobster roll options, and, as Refinery29 points out, this one comes a toasted bun you might get on a McDonald’s chicken sandwich, not the hot dog bun you find on more traditional versions.

But to their credit, McDonald’s insists that their lobster is real North Atlantic lobster, not an imitation of the sea creature.  The best part is, the roll is going for only $8.99 – a steal for anyone who wants to get a taste of this iconic food item with spending a fortune.

Delish reports that the lobster roll is only available in the Northeast region of the United States at locations in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut (with some exceptions). According to photos posted to Instagram, the lobster roll is also available in Hawaii. Sadly, McDonald’s in Canada will no longer be able to sell the roll because the price per pound of lobster in the country is just too expensive. 

Looks like those of us that live in New York City – and the rest of America – will just have to settle for shelling out the big bucks to indulge our lobster cravings. At least they’ll be fresh.