By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 31, 2016
Credit: © John Greim/LOOP IMAGES/Getty Images

Why can’t you walk through a McDonald’s drive thru? It’s a question hungry drunk college kids have asked each other a million times. But a recent class action lawsuit alleges that for blind customers, this McDonald’s policy is a legitimate issue—one that violates their rights under the American with Disabilities Act.

The suit, filed last Thursday by Louisiana resident Scott Magee in US District Court in Chicago, claims that operating a drive thru that doesn’t allow walk up customers after the restaurant lobby has been locked discriminates against visually-impaired individuals who can’t operate a vehicle on their own. The lawsuit states that it stems from an incident in August of 2015 when Magee tried to walk through a McDonald’s drive thru near his home in Metairie and employees “refused service to him, laughed, and told him to go away,” according to CBS Chicago, quoting the suit. Reportedly, he’s had similar experiences at McDonald’s at other times as well.

“Despite the fact that [McDonald’s] self-proclaimed vision is ‘to become a modern, progressive burger company delivering a contemporary customer experience’ the blind are totally unable to access any of [McDonald’s] products or services at late night, drive-thru restaurants,” the suit reads, according to Eater who obtained a copy. The lawsuit further laments that the chain doesn’t have “any concern whatsoever for the accessibility of their late night drive-thrus to the disabled.”

The legal filing requests “auxiliary aids or services” be added to McDonald’s for blind patrons along with an unspecified amount of financial damages, seeking class action status for “all legally blind individuals who have been and/or are being denied access to McDonald’s late night restaurant services in the United States.”

The lawsuit doesn’t specifically mention the dreams of drunk college kids and whether or not they too would be allowed to use these potentially new walk thru services. Let’s hope they never hear about them, for the sake of McDonald’s employees everywhere.