Served in a classic McNugget dipping sauce container no less!

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 14, 2019
McDonald's Corporation

Due to my inherent humility, I’m not going to say that the Food & Wine writing staff are geniuses; however, I will say that we do this for a living, and we (generally) know what we’re talking about. Here’s an example: Back in February, McDonald’s rolled out a new limited time only breakfast menu item nationwide: McCafe Donut Sticks. Clearly, the debut of donuts in stick form at the world’s largest fast food chain is a big deal, so we sent our own Bridget Hallinan off to MickeyD’s to give them a try. She described the results as “Crispy, light sticks that almost resemble funnel cake in taste and texture, or even churros,” before then lamenting in parenthesis that “unfortunately, chocolate dipping sauce was not included.” At some point later, McDonald’s apparently whisked this LTO away for further assessment.

Well, this week, it’s been uncovered that Donut Stick are back again, and this time they’re being sold with… you guessed it… a chocolate dipping sauce. Now, technically, McDonald’s is billing it as a “Chocolate Marshmallow Sauce,” so it’s not exactly as we suggested, but hey, we’re writers, not hedonists.

Ian K of the reliable fast food review YouTube channel Peep This Out! posted his take on the reimagined Donut Sticks yesterday, starting things off with a shot of a promotional poster touting the “new” sticks that now come with sauce – and in your typical McDonald’s McNugget dipping sauce container no less. Ian is definitely happier this time around, not just with the sticks, which he believes are smaller and denser, but especially with the sauce: “Why they didn’t do this in the very beginning I don’t know?” he laments.

The rest of the details on these Donut Sticks appear to be the same. Despite another one of our suggestions, this dessert-like treat is still only available during breakfast hours before 10:30 a.m., according to the site Chew Boom. They also still come in servings of six sticks. I reached out to a rep to see if we could scrounge up any more details. We’ll update if we hear back.