Is McDonald's holding out on us?
mcchoco fries
Credit: Christopher Jue / Getty Images

There's something comforting about McDonald's desserts: whether you're in Times Square or Boise, an Oreo McFlurry is going to be an Oreo McFlurry and a cone of soft serve is going to be a cone of soft serve. With a few exceptions, you can pretty much show up, know what you want to get, and know how it's going to taste. Not quite as true when you leave the States. In fact, some of these McDonald's desserts from all around the world leave apple pies in the dust and just might lead you to suspect that McDonald's U.S. is seriously holding out on us!

Macarons at McDonald's in Paris

For just 1.20 Euro (about US$1.50), you can get any of these gorgeous macarons, as if Parisians didn't have enough access to amazing pastries already.

Coconut Charcoal McFlurries at McDonald's in Indonesia

As part of a Snoopy-themed promo, McDonald's Indonesia has released a coconut charcoal McFlurry. We're not sure what it has to do with Snoopy either, but it looks super good.

Tiramisu McFlurries at McDonald's in Thailand

Speaking of McFlurries that are way cooler than ours, you can get a tiramisu flavored McFlurry in Thailand, which sure beats a few Oreo crumbs.

Green Tea KitKat McFlurries at McDonald's in the Philippines

Or how about this McFlurry with green tea KitKat pieces from the Philippines, as if green tea KitKats weren't exciting enough on their own?

Sundaes with Pirouettes at McDonald's Brazil

McDonald's Brazil's ice cream game is way better than ours: the most extravagant ice cream you can get here is some vanilla soft serve with caramel syrup and nuts. Brazil's got this multi-tiered chocolate sundae with farofa and rolled chocolate wafers.

Waffles with Taro Ice Cream at McDonald's in Hong Kong

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the ice cream flavors don't stop at chocolate and vanilla. You can get waffles with taro-flavored soft serve, topped with Oreos and a chocolate wafer cone.

Caramel-Filled Pancakes a la Mode at McDonald's in Uruguay

Another a la mode option, this time from Uruguay: with Pancake Helado, the ice cream may just be vanilla, but it's sitting on top of pancakes oozing with caramel filling.

Dragon Fruit Pie a La Mode at McDonald's in Malaysia

One last a la mode option: at McDonald's in Malaysia, you can do way better than one of those boxed apple pies. This pie is filled with dragon fruit, pineapple, and nata de coco.

Ginger Plum Pie at McDonald's in Ukraine

Or how about this pie from McDonald's Ukraine, made with ginger dough and filled with plum? It's basically the flavors of a classic, Dickens-style Christmas all year round.

Sweet Cheese and Raisin Dessert at McDonald's in Romania

You're probably not trying to get out of your comfort zone when you go to McDonald's, but this sweet cheese and raisin Romanian pastry definitely looks worth trying at least once.

Choco Fries at McDonald's in Japan

Of course, when it comes down to it, McDonald's is about the fries. At McDonald's in Japan, after your burger, you can sometimes get fries doused in chocolate sauce and call it a dessert.