By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated October 16, 2015

Burger King has left a mark on fast food culture with it's black-bunned Halloween Whopper (which has been accused of leaving some weird marks itself). While dyed burger buns are nothing new in Asian markets, McDonald's China has set the gold, er, silver standard as it were. The Modern China Burger is making waves for it's silvery-looking bun. That is to say, silvery in the advertising images. Instagram has proven that what comes in the wrapper is more of a dull, speckled grey. Yum.

The burger includes both a pork patty and bacon, plus a cheesy sauce which makes it sound like a good candidate for the Modern American Burger. A steamed, black sesame mantou (bun) rounds out the sandwich, or more accurately, squishes out the sandwich. TimeOut Beijing sent their team to try the dull delicacy, among a few other recent additions to the menu. They weren't necessarily impressed, but didn't hate it either, dubbing it "the Coldplay" of burgers. Funny, I'd have thought the Coldplay Burger would be all yellow. But hey, who are we to judge? If pig meat and depressing dough is your thing, you'd better hop a plane to Beijing quickly. The promotional item is only on the menu until November 3rd.