Credit: © David Marsden/Getty Images

McDonald’s latest attempt to drive sales forward has been to fall back on one of its classics: The fast food chain recently introduced two new sizes of its signature Big Mac – a smaller Mac Jr and a larger Grand Mac. Now, to help promote the new additions, the burger giant made an announcement that might get Big Mac fans even more excited: For the first time ever in the US, McDonald’s will be giving away bottles of the brand’s signature Big Mac special sauce, but only for day.

McDonald’s announced that on Thursday, January 26, the company will be giving away (for free) 10,000 “limited edition” bottles of “Big Mac Special Sauce” at McDonald’s restaurant locations around the country. Where exactly these bottles will be found – and probably what hoops customers will have to jump through to get one – will be announced tomorrow, January 25. In a press release, McDonald’s stated that the bottles will be available “at participating restaurants nationwide and on McDonald’s social channels,” but the chain also warns that “quantities will vary per location.”


Though McDonald’s has bottled (and even sold) its well-known Special Sauce before in other markets, the brand stresses that January 26 will mark the first time the sauce has ever been available to customers in the US. The giveaway will certainly drive more attention to the recent release of the alternate Mac Jr and Grand Mac Big Mac sizes. And with the limited number of bottles, this offer is clearly intended to be more of a collector’s item than for any sort of practical use. Still, it’s an odd move to promote your signature burger by giving away free bottles of a sauce that will help customers make it themselves at home. Though I guess the kind of people who really love Big Macs probably aren’t that into cooking anyway