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Most McDonald’s food might not qualify as healthy, but at least their new drive thru program could. In their McBike program the fast food giant is actually encouraging customers to ride their bikes to pick up their food. And the program even features a new takeout bag to help Big Mac eaters along.

The hook, (literally) to the McBike campaign is a new takeout packaging design that allows a meal to be hooked onto the handles of a bike. The cardboard container holds a drink in a hole at the bottom and then the sides, which can hold a burger and fries, fold up and come together to form a hook, which can then be hung on a bike. Tribal Buenos Aires in Argentina is the agency behind the whole concept.

Never free of controversy, however, McDonald’s (or at least the design team behind the campaign) is now being accused of stealing the packaging idea from a Rhode Island School of Design graduate student who created it back in 2013. "It’s cool to have my design out in the real market but also not really cool to have it copied without my permission," Seulbi Kim, the student in question, told Business Insider.

Meanwhile, the McBike packaging has already been launched in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Medellin, Colombia. Amsterdam in The Netherlands and Tokyo, Japan, are next up. There’s currently no indication that McDonald’s has any plans to bring the campaign to the US – probably because, in America, taking your bike through a McDonald’s drive thru is a great way to get yelled at by every single person in a McDonald’s drive thru.