By Aly Walansky
Updated May 05, 2016
McDonald's Nederland
Credit: © TBWA/Neboko and McDonald's Nederland

Most of us enjoy our solo lunch while playing on our phone or reading the news. Perhaps that time can be better spent making music than playing Candy Crush or stalking your ex on Instagram.

McDonald’s Netherlands recently launched the McTrax placemat, a deceptively basic-looking paper placemat you can sync with your phone to create actual music.

The home of the Big Mac teamed up with TBWA/Neboko, an ad agency, and the visual/digital production house This Page Amsterdam, to create what looks like a plain paper mat. Connect your phone to the place made and because of conductive ink, the tray becomes a DJ station.

The possibilities are endless, whether it’s your own voice or prerecorded loops, and it works on both your iPhone OR android.

Unfortunately, you’d have to hop on a plane to the Netherlands to enjoy this McDonald’s feature – but we’re holding out hope it’s so popular it arrives stateside.

See the McTrax in action: