By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 28, 2016
© McDonald’s Japan

Sure, you may not be the genius that came up with the “I’m lovin’ it” jingle, but McDonald’s Japan still thinks the public might be good for something besides shoving French fries in our mouths.

The Japanese outposts of the world’s largest burger chain is planning on introducing a brand new burger next month tailored to the island nation’s tastes, and they’re holding a contest to let creative burger-loving types name it. According to The Japan Times, the burger is tentatively being called the “juicy beef burger with hot potatoes grown in Hokkaido, cheddar cheese and specially made onion sauce flavored with burnt soy sauce” – clearly a perfect name for people who don’t like surprises, but a not-so-great moniker for ad copy. Also worth noting, the burger has a middle bun like a Big Mac, a detail that might as well have been included in the name. It’s not like they were worried about keeping things short.

If you need any additional reason to fire up your creative juices, McDonald’s is offering a decent little prize to the winner: the yen equivalent of about $12,000. Oddly, the burger brand says it came up with that number by calculating out the cost of eating one of these new burgers every single day for ten years. Apparently, they’re hoping the burger will be so delicious they’ll recoup the prize money by selling it to the winner alone.

The contest will launch on February 2 and run through February 15. Then the burger will be christened with its winning name on February 23.

Or if you just leave a funny name in the comments, I hand deliver a good ol’ fashioned Big Mac to your door myself (offer only valid to people who live on my block).

[h/t Grub Street]