The annual report will now provide constant updates on social media.
Credit: Courtesy of McCormick

As one of the most recognizable spice and seasoning brands, McCormick clearly knows a thing or two about flavors — and not just how to make them, but also what consumers are buying as well. For nearly 20 years, the company has flexed this knowledge with its Flavor Forecast — an annual analysis of the past and peek into the future of the spice trade. But now it’s 2019, and McCormick realizes that, in a 24-hour world, a single yearly report won’t cut it. So instead, the company is planning to send out a steady stream of flavor news with the help of social media, videos, and a podcast.

“Our new, curated global platform is the place to discover what flavors are on the horizon, what everyone will be talking about, what you should be experimenting with and what flavors we dare you to try now,” McCormick Executive Chef Kevan Vetter said in the announcement. “We invite everyone to join the conversation by following our Instagram feed.”

Yes, McCormick’s Flavor Forecast has gone from a boring and stagnant downloadable PDF to an ever-evolving Instagram feed with photos and video content (and a host!) McCormick further explains that this new platform “will feature quarterly, in-depth flavor topics and weekly inspiration, plus share vibrant images and videos, educational podcasts, delicious recipes and insider content from a global community of experts, chefs, influencers and flavor forecasters.” Though Instagram appears to be the primary focus for now, McCormick also name-drops Pinterest as a place to find more content. (Can TikTok be far behind?!?)

To kick off this new initiative, McCormick is tackling a topic its dubbed “The Need for Seed.” “Little package. Giant punch!” the brand elaborates. “We’re talking seeds of the crunchy, citrusy, nutty, buttery and pungent form.”

From there, just think of the possibilities: “Sink your teeth into leaf,” “Give a hoot about root,” “Remark on bark”… Then… Uh… Well, whatever, I am not a professional flavor forecaster so I’m probably not the best person to handle this sort of thing, but I’m sure there’s plenty to talk about.