By Phoebe Melnick
Updated December 01, 2016

What’s more comforting on a freezing cold day - a bowl of matzo ball soup or a bowl of ramen? Well now you don’t have to choose because the geniuses at Shalom Japan in Brooklyn, NY made it possible to have both at the same time.

This hybrid dish combines the best parts of matzo ball soup with the best parts of ramen and then some. Shalom Japan uses thinner ramen noodles called oshon that are intended for their lighter style broth. The ramen broth is chicken stock based with kombu and dill. Then there’s the matzo ball, made from schmaltz, egg, wheat flour and matzo meal - it’s perfectly dense and fluffy at the same time. There is a chicken roll – made from chicken breast and foie gras - sliced thin and served in the bowl. And finally there are the foie gras dumplings. The chefs finish the ramen with garlic chili oil, mandels and scallion. If this isn’t the most comforting bowl of soup then we don’t know what is.