Stonie said that pounding honey wasn’t that hard, but “just weird.”
Credit: Photo by Cathy Scola/Getty Images

Not that eating 48 hot dogs in ten minutes is natural, but at least hot dogs constitute a meal. Eating a few hot dogs for lunch wouldn’t be an unheard of. So when competitive eater Matt Stonie finished third in this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by finishing off 48 dogs (Joey Chestnut won the event with 72), sure, the feat is kind of gross, but it isn’t impossible to rationalize. Even with some of Stonie’s other eating challenges, such as polishing off 255 peeps in five minutes during the World Peeps Eating Championship this past April, peeps – though ridiculously sugary – are still packaged to be eaten as they are.

But in an eating challenge published to his YouTube channel this week, Stonie consumed something worthy of a different kind of astonishment: three pounds of honey. Honey, obviously, is perfectly edible, but it’s not really something you sit down and eat by the spoonful. It’s an ingredient: something meant to be added to something else. Downing pure honey seems more akin to finishing a bag of flour or sticks of butter. And that’s not even mentioning honey’s intensely viscous texture – which obviously creates its own barriers to eating excessive amounts of the bee goo.

And yet, not only did Stonie take the challenge, he completed it in just about four minutes, powering through two plastic bear-shaped jars of the stuff – and even turning the bottles upside down to make sure he consumed as much of the sugary substance as possible.

Upon completion, he explains, “It wasn’t that hard; it’s just weird.” Later he adds, “It’s thicker than Hershey’s syrup because people have probably tried Hershey’s syrup before. It’s thicker than maple syrup. I don’t know if anybody has tried maple syrup before.” However, at the beginning of the video, he also posted a warning. “Wouldn’t recommend trying this challenge at home,” he wrote. “Nothing bad happened, just felt kinda sick the rest of the day. FYI.” Yup, that sounds about right.