The new courses are being offered on Craftsy. 
dishes from masterchef online classes
Credit: Courtesy of Craftsy

If you have ever wanted to learn to cook like a master chef (or, that is, a MasterChef), the crafts website Craftsy is introducing just the thing for you: a series of online cooking tutorials called “Cooking with MasterChef” taught by former MasterChef winners.

The online classes invite amateur home cooks to expand their knowledge of the culinary arts under the tutelage of contestants who took home the trophy on Goron Ramsay's popular television series. The courses are the latest addition to Crafty’s Culinary All Stars series, which features tutorials from Rick Bayless and Jacques Torres, among others.

“Cooking with MasterChef” so far includes two tutorials, "Homestyle Favorites" and "Restaurant Results,” and includes demonstrations from the chefs along with complete recipes. A team of three MasterChef winners teaches the classes, using the expertise they earned on the show: Luca Manfé from season 4, Claudia Sandoval from season 6, and Shaun O'Neale from season 7.

"Homestyle Favorites" will teach participants how to upgrade classic recipes including searing steaks, creating “zesty summer sauces,” and cooking up breakfast chilaquiles. They’ll also receive lessons on the basic—but no less important—elements of cooking, including knife skills and how to season a piece of meat.

"Restaurant Results,” on the other hand, will challenge the students to create “restaurant worthy” versions of the final dishes created by their teachers on MasterChef. Those recipes include ingredients like halibut, short ribs, and hibiscus poached pears. The course also teaches techniques employed by the best restaurant chefs including how to prepare and plate meals for the dinner table.

Each class costs $39.99 (though, as of this writing, the price has dropped to $29.99), and you’ll get direct interaction with the chefs and your fellow students through an online messaging forum, in case you’re really looking for that (online) classroom atmosphere.