By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 23, 2015
Credit: © WENN Ltd / Alamy

There is a new entrant into the world of elite food artists. His name is Crummy Gummy, and gummy bears are both his muse and his medium.

Crummy Gummy is a Florida-based photographer and street artist who spends a lot of time working with gummy bears. Why gummy bears? His logic is surprisingly convincing. On his website, he declares, “I have noticed that many people of all age groups can identify with gummy bears in some aspect of their youth. I have had many experiences at shows where a 10-year-old can find the humor in my work and five minutes later, a 50-year-old does, too.” It’s an astute observation.

The latest creation from Crummy Gummy is a full-scale Darth Vader helmet constructed from more than 1,000 gummies. He put the gummy sculpture up on Instagram, and the Internet—because it is a huge Star Wars fan—took notice.

In addition to the helmet, Crummy Gummy has created gummy scenes of everything from Breaking Bad to a pool party. And he always tries to stay good-humored about his work, saying, “If you can’t laugh at yourself and life, then you're missing out on some funny shit.”

Here are some of his highlights.

[h/t Neatorama]