The 'Britain's Best Home Cook' and 'Great British Bake Off' star has her fair share of eyebrow-raising views.
Credit: Isabel INFANTES/Getty Images

Mary Berry is considered by many to be the reigning queen of British TV cookery. The U.K.'s answer to Martha Stewart (or perhaps Ina Garten? Or both?) charmed viewers at home and abroad alike with her fair-yet-warm critiques of amateur bakers' goods on The Great British Bake Off before ultimately leaving the series when it moved from the BBC to Channel 4 last year. Since then, Berry, who has had a decades-long career teaching Brits to cook, rebounded with her own series Classic Mary Berry and got back in the judges' chair with Britain's Best Home Cook. But in the age of social media and the accompanying outrage, Berry hasn't been immune from controversy. Here's an ongoing list of all the times Mary Berry has stepped in it (or, at least, according to Twitter).

How to pronounce "scone"

While this debate has raged for ages, Berry took a side when she opted for the pronunciation that rhymes with "gone" rather than "cone." Some arguments will never be solved.

Spaghetti Bolognese ingredients

Spaghetti bolognese is a hearty, meaty, tomato-ey dish. So, of course, that would call for some lovely red wine to enrichen the flavor and tomato paste to thicken the whole thing up, right? According to Berry, maybe not so much. On one episode of Classic Mary Berry, she shares her recipe which uses white wine and a bit of cream in the meat sauce. Twitter exploded.

She doesn't do "sell by" dates

Expiration, be damned! Berry says she uses the good old fashioned nose test to see if something's spoiled. "I don't do sell-by dates," Berry said, "but I have to confess if there is a pot of cream I just lift the lid and smell it, [and] if it's all right, I have it."

No avocado toast on her plate

"It’s very fashionable now to prepare avocado on toast. I can remember when we didn’t have them at all—now they’re everywhere. But this isn’t one of the nicest things to do with them. Better to add them to a prawn cocktail or to a little plate of smoked salmon or shrimps.” That says it all.

No pizza delivery to her door

Berry once admitted she's never ordered a pizza for delivery. Of course, when everything you cook is one million times better than anything you can order, why would you?

Whether pies need a bottom crust

On an episode of Britain's Best Home Cook, Berry shocked some fans when she insinuated that pies don't need a bottom crust, saying she preferred a chicken and bacon pie with just a top bit of pastry. Even her co-judges questioned that stance, along with Twitter. However, a quick glance at the dictionary would seem to justify her classification.