New York and Los Angeles fans are in for a treat.

Credit: Courtesy of Postmates.

It’s been a solid few months since fans of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel were left hanging at the end of season two, when (*spoiler alert*) Midge is on the cusp of going on tour in Europe—a bittersweet win for our protagonist, who contemplates the loneliness of success while she watches her friend and fellow comedian, Lenny Bruce, perform on stage. There’s no set premiere date yet for season three; however, Postmates is teaming up with the show to give you something to get excited about in the meantime. Enter "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Meal Pack," a free lunch (yes, free) that you can order on the app from June 17 through June 21.

The box (pink, of course) is filled with food you’ll recognize from season one and two, including a few Jewish deli classics. The main course is a pastrami sandwich on rye, part of Midge’s go-to order at The Stage Deli when she meets with her manager, Susie. For dessert, there’s a big black-and-white cookie, which is referenced in the first episode—Midge orders a few “black-and-whites” while she's at a local butcher shop, saving them as a treat for the doorman and elevator operator in her apartment building. And for refreshments, you’ll find a cup of “Steiner tomato juice,” which Abe Weissman (Midge’s delightfully neurotic father) habitually drinks at Steiner Mountain Resort in the Catskills—we’re still thinking about that dockside calisthenics scene.

As an added bonus, Postmates includes a phone kickstand with the meal that resembles a tiny pink toilet plunger. If you’ve seen season two, you’ll remember Susie’s habit of carrying around a plunger at Steiner to masquerade as an employee. In reality, she’s there to help Midge book a few summer gigs upstate, including an ill-fated one which Abe attends—but the plunger ends up coming with her even when she’s off-property, a running joke throughout the season.

If you’re interested, the Mrs. Maisel meal is available to New York and Los Angeles fans, available while supplies last. Canter’s Deli, Lenny’s Deli, and Art’s Deli will provide the meals in Los Angeles, while Lenwich will supply in New York. To order, open the Postmates app (via iOS or Android phones) and find “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” collection. The meal pack will be delivered without any fees.