The 10 Best Food Moments From the Thor Trilogy

The god of thunder has an appetite to match his supernatural powers.

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Thor, the Norse god of thunder, heir to the throne of Asgard, and one-sixth of The Avengers, is known for a lot of things. His hammer, his long luxurious cape (and hair), his charming overconfidence, his heavy-handed fighting style, and a pure love for food and drink. In fact, some of the best moments of Thor's three-film franchise have involved what he and other characters are eating or drinking. In light of the recent release of Thor: Ragnarok, the latest and final installment in the thunderous comic book-inspired trilogy, we've compiled a list of the most electrifying food moments from the Marvel hero.

Thor (2011)

Throwing A Dinner

It becomes more evident throughout 2011's Thor that the god of thunder's response to things—good or bad—is generally to hit, throw, or smash stuff. The first time we witness one of these displays of strength is after Odin, Thor's father and King of Asgard, refuses to launch an attack on the frost giants after three are found breaking into their castle's weapons vault. Thor wants answers, which means confronting the icy realm's king, but Odin only desires to honor the truce made between them. This enrages Thor, and he takes his feelings out on a heavy looking table covered in golden tableware and plump, colorful gourds, pumpkins, and squash.

He’ll Have Another

Easily one of the most memorable scenes in Thor, it seems like this food moment inspired some of the humor and jokes in the franchise's latest installment, Ragnarok. After being banished from Asgard over his hubris, Thor is sucked through space and time, landing right on the windshield of scientists Jane, Darcy, and Erik. The three take him in, giving him a change of clothes before he demands to eat. That results in this iconic food sequence, where the dangerously overconfident, but oddly charming hero shows his appreciation for his (very) hearty breakfast by aggressively smashing a coffee cup while demanding "Another!"

Introductions Over Lunch

It becomes clear in Thor that even secret, highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agents like a good burger and soda. It also makes sense that with the kind of work they do, they're always on the clock, making them eat-while-you-work people. Two agents are doing just that when Thor's friends from Asgard show up to save him from Jane's small town. The agents' hilarious reactions as they chow down from a rooftop and try to figure out who these well-armed newcomers are is classic Marvel humor.

The Spilling

Thanks to films like Jurassic Park, the shaking cup of liquid has become a signature of impending threat and doom in cinema. Thor deploys the visual trope after Loki seizes control of Asgard from his father, unleashing a giant, fire-breathing metallic guard on Earth to kill his brother. The creatures arrival is preceded by a close-up of a coffee cup on a car dashboard, shaking so violently that it eventually tips over and spills.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Saved From a Bad Meal

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Ever been to someone's house where you can smell what's cooking, and you just know it's going to be bad? Well, Jane can't quite smell what's cooking in Asgard's kitchen during The Dark World, but since she's been taken over by an ancient, intergalactic evil and is now being held in Odin's castle, it seems fair to assume what fate has cooking isn't good. Luckily, Thor has hatched a plan with his fellow Asgardians to save Jane—and it involves Lady Sif dropping in on Jane's meal, taking out to guards, and freeing the scientist from her somewhat comfortable confinement.

A Dark World Debriefing

A signature element of all superhero films is the "team meeting." Sometimes it's an early round-up for a battle or after a chaotic mess has befallen the heroes. Other times it's a debriefing, where everyone acknowledges the wild experience they just shared, how lucky they are to have each other, and what's ahead. That's much of what the final moments of Thor: The Dark World were. Jane, Darcy, Ian (the intern), and Erik sit around a kitchen table eating cereal, toast, and muffins, and drinking tea and coffee, reorienting themselves… and checking up on the status of Jane's relationship with Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

A Meeting With The Doctor

Early on in Thor: Ragnarok, the god of thunder must return to Earth along with his brother, Loki, to find their king and father. There's just one problem: the last time Loki visited Earth he tried to take it over. As a result, he was banned, making his present appearance an eyebrow raiser. One person that raises his eyebrow pretty quickly is Dr. Strange, who drops Loki into a magical abyss from a city street before whisking Thor to his humble abode, offering him a beer, and proceeding to interrogate him about his brother.

Are You Food?

are you food moment in third Thor movie
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While most of the food moments in Thor: Ragnarok focus on drinks, Thor's introduction to Sakaar, a vibrant yet grim planet, is one moment where it's definitely about food. Or rather, who might be food. After landing on one of Sakaar's giant hills of galaxy scrap and trash, Thor is approached by a group of armed scavengers who decide he is food. As they attempt to round him up, Valkyrie arrives to save (or capture) him. Her glorious entrance is foiled by her drunken antics, however, as we see her stumble right off the walkway of her ship, drink in hand.

Flirting Over Drinks

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Thor spends a decent amount of Ragnarok trapped in confinement thanks to Valkryie. But as evidenced by his continued trust in his brother, Loki, a little betrayal never deters Thor. Before a big arena match that could spell the end for the god of thunder, he sees Valkyrie across a line of deadly laser bars grabbing drinks at a bar. From behind the technicolor gates, Thor interrogates—then eventually flirts—with his captor. It appears that bars of all kinds are great for picking people up.

A Drinking Game

From the first time they meet, Valkyrie makes it pretty clear she's not interested in hearing what Thor has to say. Not even when her favorite champion, Hulk, breaks off part of his bed and throws it at her to get her to listen to his fellow Avenger. Inclined not to have things thrown at her again, Valkyrie decides to listen to Thor—but only until she's done chugging down a giant bottle of alcohol. It seems like a fair trade-off until you realize just how much and how quickly Valkyrie loves to drink.

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