Martha Stewart Personally Tastes All the Wine for Her Wine Shop

She also keeps canaries in her dining room, plus other highlights from her latest interview.

Martha Stewart interview
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Martha Stewart is the queen of all things "lifestyle." She practically invented the celebrity brand concept with her namesake companies and publications covering how to throw parties, decorate your kitchen, and now what to drink with the recent addition of her own wine shop. So how does she keep evolving to maintain her status the first name that comes to mind when we think of all things home and kitchen-related? A new interview may hold the secrets to her success.

Talking to the Cut, Stewart explained how she lives and her daily routine: First of all, she keeps "30 red-factor canaries in the dining room." Birds singing to you while you cook and eat? Sounds like a scene from the Disney adaptation of Cinderella. It gets—if you can believe it—even more charming. After working out and a shower, she meets with her gardener to "just review what has to be done that day," and then heads back home, where she drinks a green juice and "a single shot of whole-milk cappuccino." For breakfast, she prefers a soft-boiled egg straight from her own chickens, or a simple bowl of wheat germ or spelt, which she says contains just 10 calories.

Of course, her green juice is made from vegetables that are grown in her garden. She explains that she grows her "own mint, my own parsley, generally my own cucumbers, my own oranges, and lemons, and I always put an orange or a lemon in the juicer for that fabulous taste." Stewart also spreads the green juice gospel—she shares her version of the drink with her trainer and her driver.

When she stops by the building in New York City that houses the Martha Stewart offices, she checks in at the Martha Café, and looks at the pastries, (although she tries to avoid indulging in one herself). In fact, Martha is a very hands-on boss: She brings in eggs from her chicken coops to share with employees (she claims that her chickens "never stop laying eggs" and that the yolks "taste better than any you've ever had"), and she personally chooses and tastes all the wines for Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Stewart also reveals her favorite restaurants in the city: She goes to Sushi Yasuda or Kurumazushi once a week and is a fan of Le Bernardin and abcV, the new vegetarian restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

What did we learn today? To be content in your life, drink green juice, grow a garden, and farm your own eggs. Easy right? Well, maybe not. But that's why we have Martha Stewart around: To show us how life is best lived, even if we're not media moguls.

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