Why eat bacon when you can eat bacon mayo?


Jennifer Garner joined her close friend Martha Stewart in the kitchen today for a Facebook Live, and we learned a lot. In a conversation that ranged from covering Garner’s line of baby food, Once Upon a Farm, to Stewart's advice on baking the perfect summer pie, the queen of all things home, garden and kitchen (and the queen of Halloween, lest we forget) revealed a few key nuggets. Our favorite? A piece of advice she learned from Snoop Dogg.


Why eat bacon when you can eat bacon mayo?

In addition to making what looked like a killer peach pie (more on that later), Garner and Stewart made lobster sandwiches on the show, and this is where Snoop Dogg’s indispensable wisdom came in handy. Stewart coats the bread in her bacon mayonnaise, which is as good as it sounds, and seriously easy: She simply crumbles cooked bacon directly into the mayo, and spreads away.

“It’s easier to crumple it than to put those big pieces of bacon on the sandwich,” she says. “That’s the one thing I learned from Snoop, is crumble your bacon ahead of time.” Bacon mayo over slices: We'll take it!

As for the pie, Stewart mixes peaches with brown sugar and a touch of bourbon, which she pours directly into the pie pan, and then rolls out store-bought puff pastry, sprinkles it with sugar and pops it in the oven to bake. She also never places aluminum foil directly on her food—she doesn’t believe foil should touch food at all!—so instead, she places a piece of parchment on top of the pie pan first, then crimps the aluminum foil on top.

If there's anyone whose advice we'd follow on pie and sandwiches, it is Martha Stewart—and Snoop Dogg, of course. So we'll be remembering this episode (which was full of glimpses into her life at home, as it were. She only wears nightgowns, never pajamas, to bed, for example) for pie baking and sandwich making days to come.