He could use some practice. 
Seth Meyers
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

The finer points of decorating desserts escape the average person. Those elegant frosting roses and stars, a candied peony adorning an iced sugar cookie—we try to leave those things to the experts, like Martha Stewar. Because if there is one person we would want to teach us how to decorate a dessert, it’s her. In honor of the tenth season of her PBS show Martha Bakes—which will focus on “special techniques”—Stewart stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers and tried to show him how the pros make desserts look so perfect.

Wielding a blowtorch like the boss she is, Stewart started with browning meringues. Stewart, of course, performed this task perfectly, lightly circling the flame above the meringues. Meyers wasn’t so bad either—only burning the tip of one of his meringues.

Next, they moved on to cake decorating. Stewart tried to show Meyers how to pipe frosting flowers onto the top of the cake, a messy business (if done incorrectly) that actually takes quite a bit of precision and control. Meyers had much more fun with this task, dotting the entire cake with huge gobs of purple frosting. Stewart, again, performed perfectly.

Finally, the pair iced cookies. Icing cookies—not so tough, right? But Stewart elevates the simple technique by using tiny tweezers to decorate the iced cookies with candied flowers (pansies to be exact), which grow in her own personal garden. This is not your typical Christmas cookie decorating session, where you gather your family in the kitchen and dump green sprinkles on the sugar cookies. Stewart’s perfectly iced cookies take about three days to finish. Naturally, Meyers dives right in and eats one the painstakingly crafted cookies, licking the icing off his fingers as he goes.

Okay, so maybe the talk show host didn’t learn all that much about dessert decorating techniques. But at least we can all agree that there’s no one better at making food beautiful than Martha Stewart.