It involves a very expensive kitchen appliance. 

The best way to make scrambled eggs is a hotly contested topic. Some people swear by cooking the eggs over high heat and only adding butter, while others believe cream or crème fraîche is key. There are even die-hards who wouldn't dream of scrambling their eggs in anything other than a heat-proof bowl over a pot of simmering water, stirring them slowly with a spatula. Well, Martha Stewart sees your elaborate egg-scrambling methods and she's only mildly impressed. That's because the entertaining legend fluffs up her eggs the fanciest way possible: with a cappuccino machine.

Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Yes, in a video shared to Facebook by the Food Network, Stewart shares her egg hack, calling it a breakfast time "conversation piece." She starts off by adding two eggs, salt, pepper, and butter to a heat-proof mug and mixing them with a fork, before bypassing the stove and heading to her cappuccino maker. “Insert the steam wand right into the scrambled eggs. It steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs,” she says in the video. “In just a matter of seconds your eggs are finished."

Credit: Facebook/Food Network

She's not wrong! It is a fast method, and those eggs do look notably fluffy. It's also an expensive method, as some commenters on the video pointed out. “So I just have to buy a $400 cappuccino maker to cook eggs? I have a frying pan and stove already,” one person wrote. Others were more concerned with cleanup. “I have that machine and all I can think of is trying to clean that wand properly,” a commenter said, while others questioned whether or not their coffee would taste like egg the next time they used their cappuccino machine.