Martha Stewart and Donald Trump
Credit: © George Pimentel/WireImage; © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Maybe hanging out with rap superstar Snoop Dogg on their new VH1 show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party has taught Martha Stewart a thing or two about squashing beef. I’m talking about the grudge-based kind; Martha already has plenty of experience dealing with the kind of beef that comes from a cow. Despite a feud that’s lasted a decade, the lifestyle mogul has reportedly reached out to president-elect Donald Trump to try and end her grievances with the future leader of the free world. Hey, if the one-percent can’t get along in these trying times, what hope do the rest of us have?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Martha Stewart says she hit up team Trump after his surprise victory. “I sent my congratulations to the Trump family, and I think they have an opportunity — let's see how they do with it,” she said. “I'm excited." Apparently, Stewart didn’t contact The Donald personally, choosing to write a note to Ivanka instead, but Martha reports she got an immediate and friendly reply. However, Ivanka does have a history of being more cordial than her father, so to say Trump himself is over his feud with Stewart may be a bit presumptuous. We’ll have to keep an eye on Twitter.

For those of you who don’t keep tabs on celebrity gossip – especially the celebrity gossip of a bunch of retirement-aged billionaires – Stewart and Trump had a falling out in 2005 when Stewart got her own spinoff version of the show The Apprentice. Though Trump was the executive producer of that spinoff, the two shows ran during the same television season and neither one did particularly well in the ratings. Fingers were pointed, angry letters were published (this was before Twitter, mind you, or things could have gotten really ugly!) and the two haven’t worked together since.

But in 2016, Stewart must have realized that any connection to the president is a connection worth having. "Guess what? Things change and you can't be moaning when you can't change what happened. Go with the flow!” Stewart was quoted as saying, a statement that team Trump would probably like the entire country to embrace. Later, addressing a crowd in Chicago, she was also quoted as saying, “Guess what, we'll have a true entrepreneur in the White House!” before adding, “Can you imagine? He has no other experience, but ...”

Hey, you know who else has no experience being president… Martha Stewart. Do I sense a 2020 campaign coming? If you spend enough time with Snoop and his massive stash newly legal California pot, you’re bound to get some crazy ideas in your head.